Hail to the Queen: A Decade of the Diana F+

Lomography's reigning sweetheart Diana F+ turned 10 this year. To honor the esteemed occasion we announced the arrival of a special edition tribute — the Diana F+ 10 Years of Diana.

Featuring a retro-cool design inspired by 1960s American diners, this special edition camera is sure to melt hearts with its matte red and blue motif, topped with a shiny gold lens. As with all the Diana Clones, it's equipped with two shutter speeds, unlimited multiple exposures, an intuitive zone-focusing system, and a panoramic function. The kit also includes exclusive extras such as a 10 Years of Diana Filter Frame and a camera strap!

Here's a little throwback to how our romance started: ten years ago we rekindled our love with the '60s icon, the Diana camera. It used medium-format film and produced radiant, soft-focused squares with distinctive vignetting. You could say that the photos resembled snapshots from a dream — sometimes hazy, but always beautiful.

Credits: princesspeach, blackorchid, jennson, crojasvives, life_on_mars, andrejrusskovskij & warning

We explored the untapped potential of this simple plastic camera by making special lenses that offer different perspectives - 20mm Fisheye, 38mm Super-Wide Angle, 55mm Wide-Angle Lens and Close-Up Lens, 110mm Telephoto, and 75mm Glass lenses); we threw in creative accessories such as 35mm Back, an Instant Back, a dazzling Flash with color gel filters to expand experimental possibilities, and we heralded our creation, Diana F+!

During the past decade, our darling Diana F+ has traveled the world, collaborated with artists and Amigos, and inspired so many dreamy memories. Pick up your limited edition Diana F+ 10 Years of Diana from the Online Shop or in a Lomography Gallery Store near you!

Credits: warning, susielomovitz, blueskyandhardrock, surasurachan, lavisionmd, orangebird & ceduxi0n

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