The Daily Life in Soviet Russia


Even today, the West is still hung up and mystified with Russia's Soviet past. The Eurasian country is also one of the most talked about in terms of international politics, and more often than not being misrepresented by Western media. This was Russian daily life.

Living life in the Soviet Union was just like any other -- there were bad, good, and the mundane moments. Some interesting tidbit during this era is that Joseph Stalin often wanted to everyone to eat in communal cafeterias since he saw private kitchens as dangerous to the regime. Kitchen politics, if one may. Between the 40's and 60's, bootleg records were huge among Soviet hipsters -- the 'stilyagi', (style hunters). The stilyagi were unafraid to make bold fashion statements, with trends coming from America. This is how the youth 'rebelled'.

Another is that newspapers didn't always report bad news, much to what American spies and media often painted then -- it wasn't always of murders, crashes, train derailments. Oh, and did you know? Groceries would take forever due to the long queues, and shoppers won't' get the item directly, they still have to claim vouchers from 'stations' and pay the cashier, before getting another item at the next station.

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  1. cmbtphotog22
    cmbtphotog22 ·

    Great images !!! These photos take you there and I can feel the chill in the air and smells ... they all come back to you ... even in a photo !!

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