Chicago 1941: Through the Eyes of John Vachon

One of the photographers from the renowned team of Roy Stryker was once an assistant messenger before getting fully into photography. The 21-year-old John Vachon once visited Chicago, with a handful of observant, distant, yet quite humoristic street photography.

As part of the FSA, Vachon was obliged to travel across America to document the country's living conditions in a very detailed way. While he had no previous interest in photography, he became motivated as he immersed with other photographers such as Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, Gordon Parks and Russell Lee. Some of them trained Vachon, such as Evans. Later on Vachon was assigned to Washington, which he shot with a Leica camera., then to New Jersey, and the European country Poland for a United Nations program.

Images are from Vintage Everyday.

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