Meet the TEN AND ONE AWARD judges: Kenneth Bachor

Kenneth Bachor used to work as a photo editor for the Rolling Stone, ABC News or TIME, just to name a few. His passion for photography was triggered by old record's artwork and is fueled today by street culture, skating and coffee.

Hello! Welcome to the Lomography Magazine. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello! My name is Kenneth Bachor. I am a photographer and photo/multimedia editor based in New York City. Thank you for having me!

How did your interest with photography start?

My interest in photography first started when I was a kid. My parents always had records around the house and I was always admiring the album art, like the covers that hypnosis would design for bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, or Black Sabbath's album art was always cool to me. Also, as a kid, music videos were visually a big influence, like Tom Petty's Don't Come Around Here No More, George Harrison's Got My Mind Set On You, or Grateful Dead's Touch of Grey, with the skeletons.

From there, I just became obsessed with images and learning who shot what, which eventually translated into me wanting to take photos. At first, I didn't know what made a photo "good" or "bad," I just knew gut reactions to what I liked and didn't like. Eventually over time, I was able to reason and discern what worked as a photo, or why something didn't work. To me, that's how I was able to develop a sense of visual aesthetic overall in my own images and while looking at other people's work as a photo editor.

How would you define photography? What makes it worth pursuing?

Physically, photography is a still image, but it has the depth of something that is not so still, or singular. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you may have one image, but that one image can go onto take on different meanings when you study it, or can go onto be reproduced and influence countless people. Photography has the power to change the world, for better or for worse.

I think photography is worth pursuing, because it yields a constant curiosity, a constant discovery. It enables you to physically capture memories, or physically realize creative thoughts. It becomes an extension of your mind.

What inspires you?

Music, skaters, paintings, urban environments, the beach, streetwear, films with good cinematography, and making collaborations with like-minded people. Also, I'm always drinking coffee as part of what I do, usually La Colombe.

What makes a good photograph?

To me, it's something simple, not busy, direct, and to the point. Something that tells a story and captures me immediately, stopping me from what I'm doing. If I'm flipping through a magazine and I suddenly stop the page, that's how I know I've found a good photograph.

Any advice that you’d like to give aspiring photographers?

Keep shooting! Always have a camera on you. Always take photos in the moment, because you can't get that moment back. Be polite to those who you're shooting. Overtake photos versus not having enough. Go back, look at your images to see which ones you like, narrow that edit down. Go out, shoot again, do the same. Create little stories out of those images, this is how you develop your sense of aesthetic.

Photos: Kenneth Bachor

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