Reel Life - David Hockney on Photography and Other Matters


The documentary starts with David Hockney defining photography and the camera. He takes these two familiar words and explains them using his own understanding. Hockney keeps on defining and dissecting these ideas again and again as he goes on with his creative process.

David Hockney shot by Paul Joyce via Terrie Maxfield Lipp

David Hockney on Photography and Other Matters is more of a video walkthrough than a documentary. It's mostly filled with content featuring Hockney as he gave his thoughts and ideas regarding his specific projects. It's like learning from this highly creative man himself as he offers detailed commentary and demonstrations.

Images via Terrie Maxfield Lipp
David Hockney on Photography and Other Matters via YouTube

Hockney keeps on reinventing his style and process. He goes back and forth with his photographic work and painting so much that at some point he combines the two processes. Hockney work particularly dealing with cubism using Polaroid snaps are quite interesting to say the least. For anyone who's looking to discover a new way to present ideas, then Hockney's mind is a great place to start with.

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