Questions and Answers of Science with Photography: Jochen Lempert

Jochen Lempert was firstly a man of science before of art. He was a biologist before a photographer, but when he did get into photography, the German photographer channeled his interest with nature to the camera.

© Jochen Lempert

The Hamburg-based photographer studied biology and collaborated with artists as they experimented with film in the 80's. Then, Lempert spent 25 years examining relationships between light, water, earth, air, and organisms.

Thus, he tried to depict and illustrate his findings with photography, employing a scientific but also artful approach as he integrates a Surrealist aesthetic in a documentary-like series.

Catch his own display at the Jochen Lempert: Honeyguides at the Sprengel Museum Hannover in February 18, 2018.

© Jochen Lempert

Images are from the press kit.

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