Doubles with You - stezmatic & juznobsrvr


A second collaboration between me and juznobsrvr led to an intensely-coloured flower power fest “invading” London and Chino Hills. Look at what we came up with!

This is our second go at doubles. Our first go yielded really amazing results although some of the shots were a little underexposed leaving more spicy singles than dynamic duos…

This time juznobsrvr suggested we try something a little different and focus on flowers. With the sunnier weather on the way and London parks in Spring bloom this was a fantastic idea. I am absolutely astounded by the results. juznobsrvr used a Lensbaby Muse plastic optics at f2 mounted on canon rebel 2000 and I used a Holga GCFN 35mm mod (toilet paper and selotape) along with the Holga filter set and fisheye adapter.

I am so, so pleased with the results and could never have imagined some of the combinations we would come up with! I love doubles – makes the analogue experience just that much more exciting.

stezmaric & juznobsrvr – “it was fun, inspiring and edifying” – I look forward to our next adventure!

written by stezmatic on 2010-07-08 #lifestyle #collaboration #flowers #multiple-exposure #modification #doubles #holga-gcfn


  1. sarahboat
    sarahboat ·

    Wow! Shots 6, 7, 9, 11, 12 - 15 are amazing! Nice work you two : )

  2. basterda
    basterda ·

    These shots remind me of The Virgin Suicides. LOVELY!

  3. stezmatic
    stezmatic ·

    Thanks for the comments - its always touch and go with doubles ;)

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