Meet the TEN AND ONE Awards Judges: Elisa Maccario

Being an agent in Milano for several accessories and design brands, Elisa Maccario has a lot of experience with visual communication and photography. She just established her new showroom in Milano to help brands show their magical world to all customers. Meet our new TEN AND ONE Awards Judge!

Hello! Welcome to the Lomography Magazine. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I’m based in Milano and since 2014 I’m following as an agent several accessories and fashion/design brands. I work with talented, passionate and wonderful designers and retailers and I’m always looking for something new to add to my selection. I just established my new showroom that will be a special place to help new brands to show their magic world to all customers.

How did your interest with photography start?

I became interested in photography thanks to the influence of some photographers friends who shared their passion with me. From 2011 I started to work for Lomography as manager of the italian subsidiary based Milan. From that moment I began to enter more deeply the world of photography and experiment all its shades.

How would you define photography? What makes it worth pursuing?

My approach to photography isn’t presumptuous. Photography for me is fun and the memory of small things that otherwise would pass too quicky. Is the research of a different point of view. Is intimate creativity that allows me to capture everyday life and make it special.

What inspires you?

Travels, art, design are always a great source of inspiration. But also the small things and details hidden behind everyday life

What makes a good photograph?

I would say passion, curiosity and the desire to experiment.

Any advice that you’d like to give aspiring photographers?

Have fun and amaze yourself.

Credits: elieli

2018-01-11 #news #people #tenandonejudges

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