A Splash of Colors with the Lomography F2 400

Every canister of the Lomography Color Negative F2 400 packs quite a wallop in the color department. Make your photos leap out of the frame by adding a bucketful of beautiful tones and hues into the equation.

Credits: merveebasturk

Take a look at these photos from the community, they show the intensity and range that you can achieve with the F2 400. It's easy to see why analogue fans fell in love with this film instantly -- the F2 400 just does the job well! Get crazy colors just as you would expect from a slide film from the Lomography F2 400 Color Negative!

Credits: goonies, frenchyfyl, aronne, merveebasturk, vicuna & duffman

2017-12-22 #people #color #f2-400

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