Analogue Photography - A Technical Manual

2018-01-13 1

Know your gear, know your shots. Much can be learned about photography by studying the camera itself. Used as a tool for self-expression or documentation, the camera can capture whatever you want it to so long as you know how to use it. Now enters Analogue Photography by Andrew Bellamy.

Analogue Photography via Ars-imago

Some of you might remember Andrew when we featured his work on some of the most gorgeous refurbished cameras we've ever seen. He is as passionate as he is knowledgeable about film cameras and their intricate mechanics. Now, he's poured that know-how and love for analogue photography into a book that can help readers understand their cameras more.

Analogue Photography via Ars-imago

Filled with beautiful and insightful illustrations, Analogue Photography aims to address the gap between users and the cameras they're shooting with. It's a helpful resource for people who are just getting into film photography as well as for the veteran photographers who are looking to add more knowledge to their already brimming cup.

Analogue Photography is produced by Ars-imago. It was also published for Vetro Editions with a limited run of 200 copies that sold out in four days.

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