LomoAmigo Showcase: Franz Navarrete and the Simple Use Film Camera

Singapore-based LomoAmigo Franz Navarrete is back to share his signature poetic work but this time, with the Simple Use Film Camera Black and White.

© Franz Navarrete

Do you have some stories to share with us?

Before going to Japan, I was planning to shoot street scenes and shadow patterns. However, it was raining everyday when I was there so I decided to let loose and shoot from the hip. I think it was a blessing in disguise as I was there for holiday and not for work. I just wanted to unwind and the Simple Use Film Camera allowed me to document my surroundings without thinking too much.

Any tips on how to maximize the use of the Simple Use Film Camera Black and White.

As the name of the camera itself, the Simple Use Film Camera is meant to capture candid moments – you don’t have to overthink but instead experiment and have fun with it!

© Franz Navarrete

Any upcoming projects that we can follow?

I am hoping to launch my new portrait project early next year after so much delay. Next year, I would like to work on more personal projects.

© Franz Navarrete

Keep updated on Franz' work through Instagram and @emojiofasea for his film work.

written by crissyrobles on 2017-12-29 #gear #people

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