Lomographic Color Studies: Yuletide Collection

We've finally nailed down the basic colors from primary to secondary; now it's time to study other colors, hybrids, and palettes that make this world more complex and non-binary. We run in gradients, and some mixes are just exclusive enough to distinguish, like a Christmassy palette.

Credits: robertofiuza, why-yu, tsingtao, bloomchen & vici

Once you caught the colors of green, red, and white -- it instantly means one thing: it's Christmas. The holiday entirely owns this palette, the contrasting colors of pine and Santa red is neutralized with the snowy white. Wreath decors are embellished with red ribbons, trees with classic red balls, patterning Christmas socks pinned up at the fireplace or the staircase.. the exactitude of this combination is a proof of a successful palette.

However, green, red, and white aren't just the familiar colors one will encounter. Think of tinsel town, glitter, sparkles, metallic surfaces... gold and silver add glamour to the awaited holiday. Since Christmas celebrates the things we cherish and value, one can count that yellow ochre or aluminum shine to represent that value.

Credits: tsingtao, peterpan61, joyceyjoyce, sixsixty & gusano

2017-12-25 #culture #trees #christmas #lomographic-color-studies

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