Community Amigo Garry Quickfall: Fun with Splitzers and Doubles

Grimsby based analogue photography fanatic Garry Quickfall talks to us about his passion for playing abound with splitzers and double exposures.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Garry Quickfall, I live in Grimsby and my Lomohome is gaz. I've been shooting analogue photography now for about 6 years. I got into it when I saw what you can do with film, like making your own redscale film, double exposures, cross processing slide film and making film soups, not to mention using LomoChrome Purple and Turquoise film.

What are you favourite cameras and why?

I've had many Lomography cameras but my favourite is the LC-A+ it's so small you can fit it in your pocket and it's got a decent weight to it too so you know it's in there.

Tell us about some of your photos?

1 and 2. LC-Wide with Agfa Precisa. These are four exposures of some flats in Grimsby and some electrical tape I used as a splitzer. 3. LC-A+ Agfa Vista 200 with a splitzer, this is a double exposure of a statue of queen Elizabeth in Hull and some flowers. 4.LC-A+ Agfa Precisa xpro. This is a shot of one of my mates skateboarding. I think it was from one of the first rolls I shot with my first LC-A+

5. La Sardina Agfa CT Precisa xpro. This is a double exposure at the top of Malham Cove in North Yorkshire. This is one of my fave places in England as I usually come once a year. Some scenes from Harry Potter where filmed here. 6.LC-A+ Agfa Precisa xpro. This was my first photo of the day on the Lomography site. It is a double exposure of my old flat building and a shot from the film 'The Fog'

If you were to invent a new film camera what would it do?

If I were to invent a new film camera I would make a Splitzer themed camera. Not only would a splitzer cover the lens but there would be another splitzer in the viewfinder so as you move the splitzer over the lens it would also move the one over the view finder as well so you would see what you would be taking a photo of.

To see more of Garry's work visit his Lomohome.

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