Istantaneamente: the new project of Francesca Procopio

Istantaneamente is an introspective project which portrays a process of an inner rebirth. Bare itself, looking for interaction with the surroundings, discover beauty through art and culture. Dive into own subconscious looking for consciousness. Be reborn from nature, from the essence of things. Be reborn to give birth to a new life.

These are the words used by Francesca Procopio to describe her project Istantaneamente, firstly exhibited at FIOF (international photography fund based in Orvieto, Italy) and, thanks to this institution, exposed at the International Photography Festival in China.

Let's discover more about this project directly from the words of its creator, who used the Lomo'Instant Wide.

Hi Francesca, could you please tell us more about you and your relationship with photography?

I am a visual designer specialised in visual communication. My studies have enforced my photography identity helping me experiment, watch and tell, always pursuing an idea of an inner beauty that can be emanated everywhere. During my professional activity, I've been lucky to be surrounded by photography masters, who have always encouraged me to never give up or feel as I've made it because is exactly when you think you've done a good job that you have to figure out your skills. Watch and experiment are the things I love to do the most in my life.

Sometimes I stop, I watch into myself and I feel the need to find a way to materialize my mood, the society that surrounds me or simply my thoughts. Photography is the means by which I can express myself at best.

I know very well that shape an idea into a photography project is difficult. It may be easier to pick up a pencil and draw but in the end, I always opt for photography, my soulmate, this is photography for me.

What is Istantaneamente?

Istantaneamente is an introspective project which portrays a process of an inner rebirth. Be reborn to give birth to a new life.
Maybe this project was born to leave a concrete sign in a moment on which everybody is plunged in social networks, where everything that surrounds us goes unnoticed because our eyes are focused somewhere else. A world in which the freedom and the beauty of nature are prisoned in a screen where feeling fresh grass under the feet are exclusive and fashionable concepts.

I dove into one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy, Boboli, to feel and look how mankind is still able to stop and enjoy the essence of the things.

Why did you choose instant photography?

I chose instant films because I wanted to leave a true, authentic and unique memory. Photography is already trapped in a screen, and I tried to pull it out again with this project. It was like going back in time, tasting again the charm of instant photography.

When did you start to shoot self-portraits? What do they mean to you?

Make a self-portrait is a kind of extreme gesture for a photographer. I do not like to stay in front of a camera, but when I do it it's because I want to deliver a strong message. I am very well aware that nobody else can express what I feel as well as I do. This is why sometimes I isolate myself for weeks or months and I try to understand which is the best way to express these complex feelings. It is like looking in a mirror, but without an escape route.

Istantaneamente will be exhibited in several art galleries in Italy. For further information, you can visit Francesca's website and her Instagram profile.

written by lomosmarti on 2018-01-31 #people

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