Lola Rossi's Intimate Instant Portraits


Lola Rossi is a French portrait, editorial and fine art photographer capturing all at once the intimate inner world, the strengths and the struggles of the characters she illustrates in her work.

In a new series of pictures shot with the Lomo'Instant Automat, Lola works with bold contrasts, colors and compositions, highlighting the intricate complexity of a generation growing up.

With a background and profound interest in filmmaking, Lola adapts a cinematic style also in her photography. Though shooting still portraits, she manages to capture a retarding momentum in the stories she tells about the fragile characters depicted.

Her photographs contrast bold colors and sharp lines with soft-focused details, as well as glowing highlights with intense shadows. We see stories about the fight of growing up, about big dreams, futuristic visions and the ever-disenchanting reality.

© Lola Rossi
© Lola Rossi
© Lola Rossi

Fo more of her work, visit Lola Rossi's Website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

This feature is part of a collaboration series with Curated by Girls, check out their website for more inspiring artist features.

written by jennifer_pos on 2017-12-20 #culture #people

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