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I built the LomoWall at The Fox Darkroom & Gallery in Melbourne. It was exhibited for a weekend in late October. The Fox Gallery space is open to new and experienced photographers to share their work. It’s an intimate and welcoming space.

There were several exciting parts throughout the process of creating the LomoWall and this was the first time I was involved in creating one. The process started with printing and looking at all the photos that were submitted from members in the Lomography community. Lomographers have such a unique take on the world, and to spend time looking at how they see it was amazing. The variety of processes used to create each individual photo was inspiring. The finished wall was 2 meters by 1.5 meters.

When it came to the design of the wall and arranging the photos, I took inspiration from Australia and its diversity in geography. The Red Centre and all the beaches are a major focal point as well as the greenery of Tasmania. It was great to see some iconic Australia landmarks represented in several photos from various angles.

The LomoWall had a collection of photos from Australia, Vanuatu, Serbia, Maldives, Cyprus and Cuba. It was a fun challenge matching up similar colour hues to create a scene as well as finding contrasting images to create visual lines of difference in geography to give the illusion of looking at a map. The mosaic effect of all the photos brought viewers in to have a closer look and examine each individual photo for its unique creation and how it worked in the overall picture. I watched as several visitors looked at the wall when first entering the space and would spend a few minutes looking at it from afar and then moving in to admire each photo.

It was great to be part of a worldwide celebration dedicated to film, creativity and the spirit of adventure!

2017-12-16 #news #lomowall #25-years-of-lomography


  1. polaroidlove
    polaroidlove ·

    If I'd known about it, I would've gone!

  2. fakefake
    fakefake ·

    I see a few of mine!!!

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