UK LomoAmigo Highlights of 2017

This past year Lomography UK sent out some of our cameras and lenses to be tested out by our most prolific community members and instant photography fanatics. Here is a snapshot of what they experienced and a selection of their best images.

Photos: Russell Darling

Name: Russell Darling

Occupation: Filmmaker/Photographer

Camera: Lomo'Instant Square

Verdict: "I really enjoyed shooting with the Lomo’Instant Square. The square format is perfect for portraits, as it allows for an up-close intimate window into the world of that person. It was also very satisfying to see the photos right away and share them with my subjects. I’m really happy with what we shot. I hope people will like what they see too." (read full interview here)

Photos: The Big Moon

Name: The Big Moon

Occupation: Band

Camera: Lomo LC-A+

Verdict: "It was really cool, I like the double exposure thing. Was nice to come back from SXSW with some really good photos. Also the weather was really bright and sunny and photogenic." (read full interview here)

Photos: Emily Moya

Name: Emily Moya

Occupation: Photographer

Camera: Lomo'Instant Automat Glass

Verdict: " I love the Lomo'Instant Automat Glass because there are so many features you can control. I normally shoot with Manual settings so being able to manipulate as many settings as possible on an instant camera is a bonus for me." (read full interview here)

Photos: Andrea Zvadova

Name: Andrea Zvadova

Occupation: Photographer

Lens: Petzval 58

Verdict: "It took me a while to decide what to shoot with this lens. It is beautiful very straight forward simple lens, actually amazingly sharp. I loved the look of images it with studio lights, using other attachments to adjust the aperture." (read full interview here)

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