Emotional Spectrum in Pictures: Framing "Hygge"


Photography isn't just about the visuals, technicalities or equipment. To be a photographer, you have to capture the unseen and the abstract. And when you do, you grow one step empathetic. Here we review Lomographs that straight out speak of human emotions.

As the holidays get nearer, days shorter, nights longer, the world seems to fall into a state of positive flux. Like nature, we are all frozen in time; the winter is a moment of pause. Backs down, feet up, there's a feeling of simple contentment in just watching the world go by as you remain cozily stationary. Such is 'hygge'!

Credits: srcardoso, japsix, qrro, ck_berlin & babak_homayouni

The Scandinavian word refers to the mood of comfortability with feelings of wellness and contentment, a defining characteristic of Danish culture. Hygge is when one's 'wellbeing' is at it's most peaceful and joyful, sometimes it's also the rare experience one gets as he sits on the couch, with a loved one or a friend by his side. And there, he can say with sincerity, "all is well".

For the holidays, the feeling of hygge is truly something we should look forward to.

Credits: micky_s, mpflawer, mikeluntzilla, minilidia, zeewierkoekje & ck_berlin

2017-12-22 #culture #happiness #hygge #emotional-spectrum-in-pictures

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