The Telamon

Saturday night, October 31, 1981 was an unusual night in the port of Los Marmoles, in Lanzarote. There was a storm warning and the wind was blowing hard across the archipelago. The sea showed all his strength for the misfortunate travelers that sailed those waters.

One of those who suffered the wrath of the severe storm was the Telamon, a Greek merchant ship coming from the Ivory Coast, and was returning to the Greek islands laden with huge logs of tropical timber. The ship, with nearly 30 years behind sailing the seas, suffered a major leak that was quickly flooding the holds of the ship. The ship’s captain, D. Manuele Avtigromm, after analyzing the damage to the hull, decided to issue a distress call to the nearest port, on Lanzarote, since the work could not contain the impending flooding of the ship.

But his arrival at the port of Los Marmoles was slow and difficult due to bad weather, and nothing could be done to save the ship. Pilots of the port, seeing that the vessel already had a large amount of water coming through their warehouses, knew that is was not feasible docking maneuver at the port, given its danger, and the risk that the ship remain stranded in pier itself, making it unusable. So, together with the barge’s practical, Telamon was led to a few hundred meters from the port to Las Caletas, with the intention of running it aground on the sandy bottom of the bay. It was a tricky maneuver, but they managed to place it with a slight heel to port. The crew of 29 people of Telamon finally fell to the mainland, and was able to live another day thanks to port. But now this is the final destination of the ship. After emptying their fuel tanks because of the risk of a possible stroke, their owners arrived from Greece to assess the situation. The Telamon was abandoned to its fate in the same place that fateful landfall October 31, 1981, and there follows a daily struggle against the waves, tides and the sun, stoic to the end.

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