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There is much to learn about Helmut Newton's work and style. He was ahead of his time when it came to photographing the female form. Frames from the Edge - Helmut Newton shows the late master of erotic photography in action, his history, and the people who were there in his long and controversial career.

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Newton's expertise in creating compelling photographic work is one of the main subjects of the film. Frames from the Edge tackles his innate ability to compose photographs the way he likes it -- with every little detail and important element in hiding or in complete focus. He is a genius when it comes to transforming what he sees through his viewfinder into a tangible product.

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The documentary would take some effort to watch since it's just a little shy of two hours but if you're a student of photography or a fan of his work, it would be worthwhile. It's also interesting to see him in action and little slices of the life he made for himself. Helmut's relationship with his models is also something to take note of. He directs them to do what is required to accomplish the vision he has. He is just so detail-oriented, a perfectionist to an extent and maybe that's why he was so highly successful in his prolific career.

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