Minor White's Years in Portland, Oregon

One of America's greatest photographers was no just a man of the arts, but he was a theoretician and educator that imbued intellectual and spiritual philosophies in photography. His years in Portland, Oregon are among his famous works that proved of his technical and intuitive mastery.

Minor White; Images courtesy of the Portland Art Museum

Minor Martin White began in Oregon 1937, and continued to do so until his death in 1976. He made several black-and-white landscapes, portraits and abstract photographs relating to Portland, an almost lifetime oeuvre on light and shadows.

White also joined the Oregon Camera Club, often using the darkroom and library there. He founded a darkroom, education and exhibition program at the YMCA and was hired as a photographer for Oregon Art Project, a division of the federal government's Work Progress Administration.

Minor White; Images courtesy of the Portland Art Museum
"While rocks were photographed, the subject of the sequence is not rocks; while symbols seem to appear, they are barely pointers to significance. The meaning appears in the mood they raise in the beholder; and the flow of the sequence eddies in the river of his associations as he passes from picture to picture. The rocks are only the objects upon which the significance is spread like sheets on the ground to dry."-- Minor White

Follow the comprehensive display in In the Beginning: Minor White’s Oregon Photographs at the Portland Art Museum, running through Oct. 21, 2018.

Minor White; Images courtesy of the Portland Art Museum

Images are from the press kit.

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