Meet the TEN AND ONE AWARDS judges: Eléonore Klar


Eléonore Klar is the Editor-In-Chief of I Heart Magazine, which introduces its readers to different destinations and cultural scenes all over the world. She has been collaborating with photographers for a decade and always keeps in mind the importance of the visual aspect of her magazine. She's member of the TEN AND ONE AWARDS jury for the second year in row.

Eléonore Klar by Chloé Gassian

Hello! Welcome to the Lomography Magazine. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello Lomo ! I am Eléonore Klar, chief editor and executive director of the itinerant cultural magazine I Heart. Every 3 months, I move in a different city with a photographer to create the content of the next issue.

How would you define photography?

Memory (I don't have much but with the magazine, my souvenirs are printed) and imagination. I love when the photographer I work with manage to produce an image that tells everything in a random situation (charmless background, shy model).

What inspires you?

Happy accidents.

Who are your favourite photographers?

I will choose amongst people I collaborate with as we are our own best advocates, as the saying goes. If I forgot someone, please, don't be offended, I think you are very good otherwise I won't be harassing you every 3 months in order to put you in my suitcases !
So, Louis Canadas, Raphaël Lugassy, Yann Stofer and Chloé Gassian.

What's your fondest photographic memory?

I have so many ! I was on multiple photo-shots in 30 cities and fashion shots all around the world, always with local photographers and in amazing places. I have a nice souvenir from last year on the day of Thanksgiving 2016. Our team was lonely in Philly and Joe Beddia, the guy who makes the best pizzas in the United States, invited us to have a glass of wine at his place after his interview. Glasses became bottles, and Emma Burlet ended up taking a picture of Joe naked with a slice of pizza as a fig-leaf. Also, I loved a photo shoot in Toronto with photographer Norman Wong. We used the excuse of this shot to go in the silliest places of the city with the team : roller disco, funfair, stands were they fry anything. They are not the best photos of the magazine but they were the funniest to take.

What makes a good photograph?

On a personal side, it will be a photo that gives me a small dose of satisfaction when I open a wetransfer named « low def non retouched for editing ». Most of the time, I think that's it a photo which leaves room for interpretation and that's we always want to watch.

Merci Elénore !

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    Such an interesting concept of I Heart Magazine - Trés Bien Elénore!

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