LomoAmigo: Yasemin Hülya Bulut and Her Photos

Yasemin Hülya Bulut, a professional photographer who continues to work personally in Istanbul, became our LomoAmigo this month! We want to share with you our fun time with Yasemin!

Hi Yasemin, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in İstanbul. I studied Graphic Art / Graphic / Photography field in Faculty of Fine Arts, and at the same time, I studied sociology. I continue my original photography studies in Istanbul.

We know that you have a history of photography. How did this passion start?

I was 9 -10 years old and was asking my father for a music player constantly. When he couldn’t find one, he got me a camera with a 35mm film loaded in it instead. My passion began, when a camera came out of the box of life for me.

You are also an educator. How do you see the interest of younger generations in photography?

Yes, I am an educator in Graphic Design / Photography. Young people, people who were young at some point and people of all ages are very interested in photography. We are in an age of visual communication - mobile and digital photography. Of course, we live in a festive mood that never ceases to exist. Even so important as not to be underestimated. I would very much like that the experience and use of analogue cameras increases, a different originality and experience generates. It is no different from the ironic connection between the producer and the consumed, accelerate the experimental, original formations about the photo. I believe that besides digital consumption, the necessity of using analogue cameras today is most precious and important for young people. They can start with Lomography cameras, which are very entertaining, free, with their own wide range of their own cultures. I believe that our young people who go out with analog cameras besides mobile or digital consumption, are the luckiest people out there for me right now.

How did you get introduced to Lomography? Can you share with us your story?

I found myself in Lomography's website while searching for the different film formats and camera features in the analog cameras. I visited the Lomography Embassy Store in Istanbul as first thing. It is a lot of experience in a different format with colorful, exciting, curious, unlimited unique culture and style ... I did not know what to expect from Lomography ... I browsed almost all the cameras for hours while visiting the store - actually confusing. When I realized that my eyes were compatible with the two cameras of Lomography, I said hello to this world now.

You used Sprocket Rocket and Diana F+ for your photos. How did it feel to shoot with these two different models of Lomography?

My story with Lomography started with these two cameras. They are both very delicious... My eye level and weight still feel closer to Sprocket Rocket, but I want to give justice to Diana F+ first. Using two very distinctive films in the square format and the vignettes that formed in the photos was very special for me. RedScale and X-Pro films created very unique results because of their different chemical formation. Sprocket Rocket was more like an old, nostalgic story with the black and white film. Capturing old İstanbul in panoramic scenes added a sort of soul to the photos… I can also say that this special format became my window to the world. A new understanding of framing, a dream filled with a fun, irregular, free and limitless connection between photography and imagery.

Where was the place you loved to shoot the most?

Balat seaside (very special for me). Apart from its color, its unique texture, and its exuberant children, Balat as a neighborhood has a naïve sad truth about it.

What is your favorite photo from this selection you shared with us? Can you share with us the story behind it?

There have been moments where I was very excited to capture the movie like images with the Sprocket Rocket, images that represent me. Tow different square formats in the Diana F+... The flower seller in the seaside of Üsküdar is one of them; the old couple in Balat shore is also a Lomography shot that is full of memories. We didn’t speak the same language and photography’s language, thus heart connected us. Diana F+ became an interpreter for us, and the moment became a memory. I was able to capture this story to last forever.

Do you have any suggestions for people who are new to or haven’t used the Sprocket Rocket before?

Can I just suggest a huge stage? I have already mentioned the beauty of Sprocket Rocket’s special format. I started my adventure LadyGrey 400 ISO (B&W) and Forte Fortepan 2003 (B&W) films. If you want a panoramic scene with different format features and you are using an analog camera, I think that this camera is fun, practical, exciting, free and experimental. Sprocket Rocket will be a fresh breath for new beginners and for every photographer who still has a certain accumulation in the analog camera, a special perspective other than usual, an exquisite window and a very experimental accumulation like I said.

Do you have any other models and films you would like to try?

Do I? Horizon Perfekt. Horizon 35mm and all films. I think it will become my second and special camera after Sprocket Rocket. I already have so many ideas in mind!

Can you tell us a little about your upcoming projects?

One of my photos that I shot with the Sprocket Rocket will be exhibited in Soul'nArt Gallery’s Alphabetic II exhibition. This will be my second exhibition for Alphabetic and 4th composite exhibition personally. The exhibition opens on the 15th of December 2017 and can be visited until the 25th of December.

I will continue shooting with Sprocket Rocket and Diana F+, using different films. I want to focus on using color films with the Sprocket Rocket. There will be a little exhibition consisting of my photos taken with this two cameras. A Lomography exhibition will be a prize for being so free in this process and the taste of doing something different...

As I continue shooting panoramic movie scenes with the Sprocket Rocket, I want to establish a story like a fictional story. I want to lay out my developed photos from the first to the last to make it feel like a compiled story. The technical content is as experimental as a panoramic but a short film for the viewer and see. Why not?

In this private world, the dreams are endless, the stories and the scene are endless. Thank God we have Lomography!

This is just the beginning!

Thanks, Lomography!

You can follow Yasemin Hülya Bulut on her Instagram and for her other works, you can check out her personal blog. Also, visit the composite exhibition at Soul'nArt Gallery starting from the 15th of December, where one of the Sprocket Rocket shots of Yasemin will be exhibited.

written by yagmurblt on 2017-12-15 #people

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