Element of Surprise Winners


Varying degrees of being surprised entertained us in the recent Human Stories competition. Take a look at the people who look photogenic even when caught off guard!

Grand Prize Winner:

Credits: michal_vavro

Here's what the jury has to say about this photo:

@michal_vavro's flashed up photo had us all wondering what the story behind it is. Is he trying to catch something or mocking someone in the middle of a heated argument? Either way, it perfectly captured the classic "surprised" look!


Credits: zoepanayi, photos-for-locals, melissafro, kwiat7, strangebutrubbish, meitads, moreira, dumao, alcastan & jmcedo

More Photos from the Submission Box:

Credits: ilovefrenchfries, jessicawlevin, lostlittlekid, chuked & dumao

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Lomographer @michal_vavro will get a voucher worth 50 EUR for the Lomography online shop while the runners-up will receive 15 piggies each. All winners qualify for the year-end Ten And One - Annual Lomography Photo Awards under the "Human Stories" category.

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  1. michal_vavro
    michal_vavro ·

    Thank you so much! ♥️♥️♥️

  2. zoepanayi
    zoepanayi ·

    oh wow! so happy to have my first runner up! :) thank you!

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