Monday Moodboard: Color Against the Snow


It's difficult to enjoy the snow -- the cold weather only seems to heighten our lethargic lifestyle, plus the drowsy feeling that comes so often. The bleakness of the snow, that pure blanket of white, just beckons to be stained with a little warmth -- a bit of color.

Stand out this winter, appreciate the little spots of sunny yellow or passionate red as colors only become more intense out of nothingness. Wear a pair of yellow boots, buy some red roses, drape the blue scarf on your neck. Here's our Monday Moodboard.

Credits: lucia_and_jakub, artichekt, gionnired, arurin, erikagrendel, jennson, fafascinado, oheychristos, mafiosa, twizzer88 & poepel

2017-12-18 #culture #snow #monday-moodboard #snow-photography

One Comment

  1. polaroidlove
    polaroidlove ·

    Great photos, would love to have some of that cold over here!

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