Livin' Cool: Emanuele d'Angelo with the Lomo'Instant Wide

Living the Dream: Emanuele D'Angelo is an Italian photographer whose style is characterized by skillful use of natural light and an interesting combination of fashion and lifestyle photography.

He works for several luxury brands and cooperates with artists famous worldwide, traveling and visiting astonishing locations all over the globe. He realized some pictures with the "Lomo'Instant Wide" to share with us some moments of his exciting life.

Hi Emanuele, welcome to Lomography. Why don't you start by telling us when your photography career has started?

It started in 2009 when I moved from Rome to London. At the beginning, I shot mostly fashion/backstage/parties for my website Livincool. After a few years, I started to shot more portraits and editorials.

I obtained my US working visa at the end of the 2015 and since then I've started to come to Los Angeles more often. The main reasons why I chose Los Angeles are the perfect weather and the fantastic sunsets you can enjoy in this city.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on different projects, especially on a book and the merchandise for Livincool, which is basically my new brand.

Which aspect of your work you like the most?

Well, it's a job that I never mind to do. Photography has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people and to travel around the world. I always like to establish a connection with the people I portray and most of them have become my friends as well.

What did you shoot with the Lomo'Instant Wide and which feature have you enjoyed the most?

I shot several landscapes and landscape portraits, I really enjoyed the camera. I like a lot the possibility to disable manually the flash, a feature which is not very common in other cameras.

My suggestion is to experiment and have fun with it. It is a brilliant camera and I love the design too!

To see more of his works, you can visit his website and his Instagram.

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