What Memories & Emotions Look Like for Jana Ludwig


The arts have become a mode of therapy to many, and for photographer Jana Ludwig, it's her escapism from the present as she faces the issues of her past, her relationships, deeply-buried feelings and her subconsciousness.

All children grow up. When they do, most of the artist in themselves die along with other childlike fancies. In the real world, there is no room for dreaming, no pause to see beyond reality. Jana's encounter with photography was during her childhood, in which she pretended to be a wildlife photographer in Africa, following the animals, stalking the cats with her disposable camera. Her journey to photography has then made her turn her lens to humanity, eventually, to herself.

Jana's recent work is a delicate diary of personal scars and raw emotions, stemming from complicated feelings of love and estrangement, projecting her once-intimate relationship with her sister.

Memories and emotions have always been fleeting. As a result, the photographs look as if mnemonic images that once existed, then faded. Traces of memories and feelings are seen, but they are never complete. Faded, blurred, overexposed, like the hazy scenes we see in a dream -- but when we wake up, it's all but a blur.

Await our interview with Jana soon. In the meantime, visit her website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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  1. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    love these, they're soooo dreamy!

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