Modern Paris as Seen Through Retro Windows

Atop the towers built by Emile Aillaud are some of the most retro-futuristic windows, and in the project of French photographer Laurent Kronental are scenes and cityscapes of contemporary Paris.

The towers are built between 1973 and 1981, filled with more than 1,600 apartments, 7 to 38 floors that all shared a common aesthetic -- porthole-shaped windows. The complex can be found in the Pablo Picasso district of Nanterre a suburb in Paris.

The series "Les Yeux de Tours" by Kronental seems like a fantastical document of daily life and mundanity. The porthole acts as if an eye or a window off of an aircraft or spaceship. From the familiarity and comforts of home, it is through the futuristic windows one can see immense beauty and wonder, as if a bright future waiting ahead, especially those images that give out more the interior views such as machines, dishware or the fancy curtains.

Images are from This is Colossal.

2017-12-17 #culture #photography #paris #france

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