Treasures from old Korea: eBay Purchase Film Discovery


Photographer Ben Larsen ordered a bunch of photography-related items on eBay, one of these is a Kodak Plus-X Pan black and white 35mm film. Ben then developed the film at home and the results were surprising — photographs taken in South Korea about half a decade later.

Get a glimpse of mid-1900s in Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul:

Photos of Ben Larsen, Courtesy of PetaPixel

The search for a proper backstory on the photos led Ben to ask Reddit for help, where someone pointed out that the "photos likely show Korea during the Vietnam War from somewhere between 1965 and 1971." With the comment going as:

"The “Martini” pictures truck has the bumper number 2-1f12 (hard to see) HQ-24. 1/12th Field Artillery Batt was in Camp Snow from at least 65-71, it left Korea in 71 and returned to Ft Lewis. So you know your pictures are from those 6 years. If it is in fact 1/12th 2nd infantry division (unit 1/12th maybe) Headquarters company 2nd platoon 4th squad. The uniforms are definitely Vietnam era with the OD ball caps."

To quench your curiosity, check out more details from this article.

written by crissyrobles on 2018-01-03


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    Wow! Pretty cool!

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    Magic of film

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