The Coen Brothers on Capturing the Stillness of Life

David and Jesse Coen are known for their turbulent characters and their panic-stricken visuals, but there are moments of peace found in their cinema, a part of their cinematic rhythm.

It's quite unsettling when such moments are found in their work -- where there is little to no movement from both actor and camera. There's just the savoring, reflective time happening in medias res. Here is a love letter to the silence and stillness of momentous, fleeting moment found in "Miller's Crossing (1990)", "Fargo (1996)", "The Big Lebowski (1998)", "No Country for Old Men (2007)", "A Serious Man (2009)", "True Grit (2010)", and "Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)".

Preview image was taken from the video.

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