Film Photos Straight Out of Seoul, Korea by Oh Jiwon

2017-12-31 1

Photography, much like other art forms, have this ability to build communities based on mutual interest. A whole world of Lomography love and we focus on Seoul, South Korea where Oh Jiwon shoots film in various formats.

© Oh Jiwon on 35mm and 120mm film

Jiwon was born in Jeju Island but is now based in Seoul to which she comments, "I’m currently based in Seoul, South Korea. I have feelings of love and hatred toward Seoul. There’s an overflow with both ugly and beautiful, hope and despair. It’s full of dramatic scenes though, all I need to do is capture what’s in front of me."

Know more about her in this article and through her Instagram.

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  1. pmonroe
    pmonroe ·

    Seoul is a great place to shoot film!
    Keep on shootin’ :)

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