Holiday Love Letter from Lomography


Time indeed flies when you're having so fun. We've had so much of it this year and it's all thanks to you, our dearest Lomographers! You don't know how much happy we are that you're here with us as we continue to make memories through photos we can't forget. We love creating things that will inspire and give you photographic experiences that you will treasure. The Holidays are for counting blessings and spreading cheer. We'll do just that. So let us make a toast to the most valuable gift we've received -- you!

Credits: joyceyjoyce, arty-arta & lisi

Here's to the memories you shared with us. Through late nights filled with pretty lights, walking around new cities to discover new gems, on mountain tops with the cold breeze in your hair, walks on the shore with loved ones and more -- all your photos are like little love letters that we truly enjoy and cherish. It's amazing to see that you feel comfortable sharing those precious moments with us whether on film, video, or stills.

Here's to your active participation in our events all over the world. No matter how far, no matter how small or tiring the event was, you were there to exchange smiles and good cheer with everyone.

Here's to the loyalty and support you've shown us. From our humble beginnings to our greatest achievements, you were there to take part. It's been quite a ride and honestly, we're looking to add more years to our run. You inspire us to make the most out of every year and for that we promise to bring you better things to look forward to.

Credits: tyler_durden, grazie & moodification

We don't want to get too sentimental or dramatic but we can't help it! We love seeing how much our little community has grown. It's your crazy, fantastic, creative world. We're just here to make it a little better the way we know how -- one photograph at a time.

So before this gets too long, we wish you all the best this coming holiday season! Tear open those presents, load up your favorite film, keep those viewfinders and shutter buttons ready, it's going to be yet another swell celebration. Enjoy the festivities and do remember that all of us here in Lomography are thankful for your company. Happy holidays!

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