A Lomographer's New Year Checklist

So many ideas, so little time. Being the creative Lomographer that you are, it can get too overwhelming and you end up not finishing a project. Even worse is when the idea gets stuck and you didn't even bother starting on it. Don't fret, it's the New Year! Here are some ideas for your next to-do list.

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Try a new format. Perhaps you're spoiled to the convenience of instant cameras or feel more comfortable shooting in 35mm. This year, challenge yourself to something new. Put on a new lens or accessory, use a different kind of film, or familiarize yourself with a camera you've never held before!

Take more risks. Ask a stranger if you may take their portrait. Make a bold move and ask out a crush for a photo walk.

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Start a fresh idea. Maybe it's time to finally jumpstart that photo project, book, exhibit, or zine. But don't feel bad if you decide to abandon an old idea that you meant to explore last year.

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Stick to a plan ... or don't. If you realize that you've started so many projects but didn't finish any, consider your structure and stick to a plan. But it's also good to trust your gut and be spontaneous!

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Any more ideas that you'd like to share for the New Year? Sound off in the comments!

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