Old but Gold: ActionSampler Clear

Analogue photography is a continuous creative discovery. It's a process which starts with the choice of the camera and continues until the development of the film and the printing of the pictures. One of the simplest and funniest ways to start with film photography is to use a fun camera. These cameras ensure brilliant results with a minimum expense.

ActionSample Clear is a camera able to shoot four consecutive pictures on a 35mm single frame providing you with funky old-school shots.

Here you can take inspiration from some shots taken by our community members:


Credits:gaabi, yagmurblt,pierrickmorin, little-doll


Credits: natalieerachel,headonthegrass,icequeenubia

Details and absurd objects

Credits: brommi,fafascinado



Action Sample Clear works with every 35mm film and it is available in our Online Shop and in our Gallery Stores worldwide.

written by lomosmarti on 2018-01-23 #gear

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