Monday Moodboard: Preparing for Hibernation

Sometimes, you can't help but wish for the days to snow forever. The winter season is when all life forms retreat to their homes and become recluses, awarding themselves with the much-needed rest they deserve after eleven months of work-and-play.

Sushi-roll yourselves in your blankets, wear those thick woolen sweaters, double up your trousers and wrap your arms around the pillow as you relish the cold and fall into slumber. This Monday Moodboard is a glimpse of the hibernating days.

Credits: koduckgirl, anarosenberg, beautalism, weedos, merylsheep, underthebridgedownton, mephisto19, crstemple, lukebennett94, moodification & jasminfish

2017-12-11 #culture #sleep #hibernation #monday-modboard

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