Paradise in Purple - Photography by Jodie Cartman


That magical place can be here with us all along. Jodie Cartman proved that with her "Woodland" series.

© Jodie Cartman

Shot using LomoChrome Purple, these mystical and borderline magical portraits were shot by Jodie in Landport Bottom Woods, Lewes. This series has us thinking of the early days of photography wherein people often had their photos taken with the addition of fantasy characters like elves and sprites. Jodie was particularly brilliant at bringing this feel to her series with the mellow red, purple, and magenta hues from the LomoChrome. We are mesmerized by the overall beauty and mood that Jodie was able to capture in her images.

© Jodie Cartman

If you're interested in Jodie's work, head over to her website and Intagram for more.

written by cheeo on 2018-01-11 #people #female #woodland #portraits #elves #feminine #sprites #lomochrome-purple #jodie-cartman

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