Life on the Greek Row in the 1970s

When one reaches his or her 'coming-of-age' phase, it usually takes place at the tertiary level of education. Part of having a successful college life is... all about connecting to networks and the right people. They party hard, those fraternities and sororities.

In the '70s, members of the Greek alphabets would forge the everlasting brotherhoods and sisterhoods through parties and tomfoolery, with weird-to-illegal hazing on the side. Pledges perhaps were meant to run marathons or on boot camp, depending on the fraternity and sorority, that is.

Here, you will find fraternal and sisterly bond in-the-making through various parties and activities in the '70s ... Although, from the looks of today, nothing much has changed. Party hard some more!

Images are from Flashbak.

2017-12-12 #culture #vintage-photography #fraternities #sororities

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