Boosting Special Effects with Adaptalux Studio EFX Lighting Arms

Sam Granger's Adaptalux Studio receives more lighting options with special lighting arms that can provide Laser, Arm-S, and UV light simultaneously, and can be acquired over Kickstarter.

Since the introduction of the Adaptalux Studio in 2015, the team managed to expand the pod's versatility and use with more creative options. This time, with lighting arms.The lighting arms are magnetically attached to the pod with the Adaptalux Connector, fully flexible for fine-tuning.

The three lighting arms consist of the Laser, Arm-S, and the UV light. The S-Arm is for high brightness, perfect for low-light shots and for clearer macro shots; the UV light provides a fluorescent glow; the Laser provides a red beam of light that is ultra-focused and non-spread. Check out the sample photographs and comparison with normally-lit images:

S-Arm, UV light and Laser, respectively

The Adaptalux Lighting Arms currently has surpassed its US$ 3,357 goal. Back them up now over Kickstarter until January 1, 2018!

Images are from the Kickstarter page.

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