Hints of Pink in Vintage Snapshots

Ever heard of the 'millennial pink'? It's the shade that Pantone triggered due to the "rose quartz" of 2016. "Think pink", they say. Well, people have already been in the pink before.

What is now considered "Tumblr pink" or "millennial pink" was then called "poached salmon" in the 70s a shade lighter than Barbie pink, but darker than berry blancmange. The color pink is now changing its association to become a more gender-neutral, sensitive hue. Some say it's the color of the me-generation, individualism, androgyny, reassurance, and security.

Not quite bad. We don't mind a little bit of pink, and these vintage snapshots don't either.

Images are from Flashbak.

2017-12-17 #culture #pink #color-photography #vintage-photography

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