The Subtleties of a Great Day: Singapore's Vivien Tan and the Lomo'Instant Wide

Singaporean Amigo Vivien Tan took the Lomo'Instant Wide with her on a trip to Europe and captured the subtle beauty of her days through instant photos.

© Vivien Tan

Please introduce yourself to the Lomography community and the readers of the Online Magazine.

Hey, guys! I’m Vivien an avid storyteller through stills. I love the play of light and using colours to create contrasts in my daily documentation of life. I’m always intrigued, always curious, and love to showcase the essence and beauty in the simple things around me.

How did you get started with photography?

I started with the interest to document everything I experienced. It dates all the way back to Junior College when a teacher in my Arts Elective Programme realised my strength in compositing in stills. Ever since then, photography and I kind of clicked - if you know what I mean ;)

© Vivien Tan

How do you develop your skills?

Keep practicing! Have a positive attitude towards your craft and other artists as well. Stay humble always, be open to improving your skills and the way you conceptualise. It’s important to have people you trust to share your ideas with. Personally I like to collaborate with people from different industries as it’s interesting to work with people from various backgrounds. Be excited about life!

What/Who are the major influences in your work?

My major influences to my work are photographers who are able to capture fleeting emotions through imagery. The first person who has inspired me is a local photographer named Alvelyn Alko. Her photos speak of freedom and an ability to garner power and change. I also admire Alec Soh because of the approach he takes towards his work. His style of documenting portraits is genuine. He always takes time to know his subjects and to also be a part of their story. I believe photography is always a process and that to me is more meaningful than the final outcome itself.

© Vivien Tan

Is it your first time shooting analogue? How was the experience?

Of course, not! I love shooting in analogue because it produces unexpected results on film. Photography is something that is experiential to me - and every developed roll of film never fails to bring a pleasant surprise.

I love the Lomo'Instant Wide as it is a conversation starter. This camera was the hot topic of many conversations and unexpectedly fun times with strangers. Photography to me is a way to bridge between anyone. Even more so with the Lomo'Instant Wide because it’s instant and always fun, people just love it! There happened to be an artist event in this Italian Restaurant in Munich and because of the Lomo'Instant Wide it got us free drinks, dessert and made new friends at the party it was a lot of fun :-)

If your Lomo'Instant Wide shoot can be summed up in a song, which song is it?

Heart Hope by Oh Wonder

© Vivien Tan

Any advice on how to fully utilize the Lomo'Instant Wide?

Try shooting in different lighting situations to better familiarise with how the Lomo'Instant Wide works. It takes time to know our gear better :-)

Personally I feel that this camera does really well in mid brightness - meaning when it’s not too bright or too dark. I liked playing around with the focal distance of the camera and they make really beautiful selfie instants with the help of the remote. The ability to control the flash and exposure is something I really like because I prefer natural lighting to the using of the flash. Also do maximise the potential of the Lomo'Instant Wide to take candid pictures, the trigger button of this camera is very quick which allows for in-the-moment shots.

There’s also the multi exposure function with different colour gels that you can use to experiment and have fun in groups! It’s definitely a camera I would bring to parties and when I’m out with friends, there’s never too many instant photos!

© Vivien Tan

Please give links to your website/social media accounts that we can go to if we want to stay updated on your work.

I’ve a blog where I will post my instant shots and the experience with the Lomo'Instant Wide. My Instagram handle is vivtanshithui, so do come and say hello :-)

written by crissyrobles on 2017-12-14

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