Way Back in Washington: In Pictures

Revisit the American capital from the '20s to the '40s as shot by American photographer Theodor Horydczak's exhaustive collection.

Horydczak is best known for his work "Washington As It Was", images taken after the First World War of the metropolitan area. Horydczak shot exteriors and interiors of commercial, residential and government buildings, architecture, street views of neighborhoods as well as events and activities in Washington.

Horydczak used a large format Gold Ansco camera, in which he would use the style called "bracketing", which means to take subsequent images at different aperture settings. One of the signatures of the photographer is his framing. Horydczak loved to compose tall buildings and infrastructures with branches of trees and flowers to add softness and flavor of the metro's pointed geometry.

Images are from the Library of Congress, under the public domain.

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