Finding the Meaning of Balance in Life: Pictures


Athens-based photographer Alexis Vasilikos sets us all on edge with a new series that studies situations, conditions of balance with a twist of frustration

Vasilikos is known for capturing life in the mundane at its finest --there's always a tad of humor-filled absurdity with his images. In Balancing Act, Vasilikos captures scenes of struggling or making balance in its vaguest sense. Whether it's a person putting all his weight in on foot, the precarious mold of a wax candle, a heavyweight object lying atop a smaller and lighter one, all scenes are somehow fixed and inert, but there's that afterthought that the motion for these objects is not over yet.

Check out his photographs from the new series here:

Images courtesy of Alexis Vasilikos.

written by lomographymagazine on 2017-12-07 #people #photography #still-photography #alexis-vasilikos

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