Gear Envy - Custom Large-Format Cameras by Keith Canham


Keith Canham is the man when it comes to designing and building large-format cameras. Whatever spec and shot you need the camera for, Keith can build it for you.

© Keith Canham

What started off as a love affair with large-format photography quickly became a life-long passion and industry. Keith Canham's behemoth (compared to the cameras we're used to) cameras aren't just hulking pieces of wood, steel, and glass. They're also magnificent works of art. Each camera that is shipped out of Canham's workshop is beautifully-designed to look great and shoot even better.

© Keith Canham

This commitment to providing other photographers a viable source of custom large-format cameras is one thing that makes Keith's passion all the more noticeable. It's not about being popular or whatnot, it's more of a service. For craft or for display, any discerning user can count on Keith's expertise and masterful skills. Now, is anyone up for a 20x24 camera? You know who can make one for you.

If you're interested in Keith's work, check out his website for more.

Let us know if you have some projects you'd like to showcase to the community. Project cameras, one-offs, customs -- you name it! Hit us up in the comments section below.

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  1. montagu
    montagu ·

    So much awesomeness. I hope it comes with a car and two assistants;)

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