LomoWall Ecuador: The Inauguration Party


Andrea Guarisma, the organiser of LomoWall Ecuador, tells us more about her experience setting up the first LomoWall exhibition in the country.

Hello! Could you tell us more about the inauguration party?

La Floresta is the cultural and bohemian quarter of Quito par excellence, I wanted to give something back to the neighborhood - I live and work here - and it seemed interesting for me to organize an event at the café-bar La Cafetina. It was an almost intimate event attended by friends and usual customers of the café. We installed some mood lighting on the wall so it was always 100% visible.

How many people attended the event?

I estimate that between 50 and 70 people throughout the inauguration night.

How long did it take you to build the LomoWall, and how many people make up the team of Lomography Ecuador?

The setting up of the wall took us four hours, the space is 4 meters wide by 2,50 meters high. And for this project we counted with four people: Josué Araujo, who took care of printing the photos, Zaimy Valencia and Pilar Cáceres in the preparation of the photos, and me, I was there throughout the whole process. I think four is our lucky number.

What was the biggest challenge in setting up this event?

Definitely coordinating all the activities prior to the LomoWall - the LomoWalk, the developing and printing of the photos - given that the community in the country is very small and that the majority of analogue photographers don't know the difference between Lomography and analogue photography, so it is a bit difficult for people to understand the methodology of this current.

Most noteworthy moment?

It was when we could finally step back a little from the wall to take in the gradient. We were very tired, but also very happy.

What's the profile of Lomography in Ecuador, and in South America?

I can say that in Ecuador, it is oriented towards growth. Talking to the team, we mentioned that it would be really cool to have a Lomo shop where we could buy film and cameras. I think that in this respect, we admire the guys at Lomo Colombia and Lomo Argentina where the movement is more established.

I was able to live a few moments with the guys at Lomo Venezuela and since then I have maintained the motivation to take photos and keep doing things, so I am happy that I have finally been able to do this after five years living in Ecuador, it seemed very interesting to me and we want to keep on growing.

And a more personal question - What was your first Lomo camera?

I took my first photos with a borrowed Supersampler, but my first camera was a Fisheye One that I got for my birthday.

Follow the guys over at Lomography Ecuador on Instagram.

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