LomoWalk: A Day with the TEN AND ONE Winners


Last week, the TEN AND ONE winners flew in from all over the world to enjoy a week of workshops and exchange about their love for photography. I had the pleasure of spending a day with them and the Lomography staff, going on one of the famous LomoWalks.

First, we all met at the Kunsthaus Wien, designed by Hundertwasser who is know for his colorful paintings and architecture that doesn't conform to linear thinking. We enjoyed a guided tour through their current exhibition Visions of Nature which gave us many insights as to how humans interact with and capture nature.

After the exhibition, we all sat down in the museums cafeteria to enjoy some lunch and get to know each other more, since there were a few local people who had joined the group for this day. We talked about our personal connection to analogue photography and exchanged LomoHomes to get a better picture of each person’s photography style.

Everyone had their own cameras with them but nonetheless Ella (@ellakoppensteiner), our guide for the day and head of Magazine at Lomography, brought Lomography films, such as the Color Negative 400 and Lady Grey 400, and cameras we could try out if we wanted. So everyone chose their LomoWalk weapons and set out to take photos along the riverside called “Donaukanal”. Mine being the Diana Mini since I had never shot with one of those before and the adaptable flash caught my eye.

Even though it was possibly the coldest and definitely the windiest day yet this fall, the joy of taking photos with other like-minded people spread through the group and we all had a blast. There was something special about having so many photographers in one spot who were free to capture what and who they wanted just for the fun of it. It felt like we were dancing our own photography choreography through the cold Viennese air. While we were walking along the canal one person would ask another to model in a specific way, so they could capture them, only to be photographed themselves while they were doing so and so on. After the walk came to an end in the city center, we all took the metro to the Lomography headquarters. Ella gave a tour around offices and we even got a sneak peek of the 25 Years Christmas Special that is yet to be released. The most interesting part of the tour was an overview of the design department. There, we were introduced to the camera design process and asked to give our opinions on the upcoming trends for next year. What captured most people's eyes was seeing all the different designs that never made it into production, be it because the colors didn’t match as planned or because they looked too boring or over the top.

The tour finished with some prosecco and snacks with the Lomography staff. But the day wasn't over. We all headed out to a pizzeria nearby to fill our hungry stomachs and bond some more over our love for photography. This was one of my favorite parts of the day--just sharing artistic insights with like-minded people. Raymond (@raywychin), the king of double exposures, was given the Lomo'Instant Square for the day. He showed me how to play around with double exposures and demonstrated the interesting effects that color filters produce when paired with a led light. Louie (@strangebutrubbish) and Monty (@montagu) made for great models and conversation partners throughout the evening and Roberto (@robertofiuza) showed me the perks of using different camera lenses when choosing a specific effect the depth of field in a photograph. The night ended with a lot of new gained photography insights and tricks and some great friendships being formed.

Thank you for the lovely day, Lomography and TEN AND ONE winners!

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written by Zoe Panayi on 2017-11-30 #lomowalk #ten-and-one #10and1 #10and1-vienna


  1. robertofiuza
    robertofiuza ·

    It was very nice meeting you Zoe!

  2. montagu
    montagu ·

    Lovely article, thank you Zoe. Not taking many pictures ourselves, I am glad @strangebutrubbish and myself were at least good conversationists! ;P ...I agree with the drawer of design rejects at Lomography HQ being one of the highlights, I'm sure my favorite Lomo camera could be found in that drawer

  3. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    Thanks for the recap Zoe! It was nice meeting you :)

  4. edwardconde
    edwardconde ·

    What a great week! Glad we got to meet some local lomographers. It was nice meeting you.

  5. zoepanayi
    zoepanayi ·

    @robertofiuza so was it meeting you ! :)

  6. zoepanayi
    zoepanayi ·

    @montagu thank you monty! :) hehe of course you two are great photographers but you were also great company!

  7. zoepanayi
    zoepanayi ·

    @guanatos you´re welcome :)) it was nice meeting you!

  8. zoepanayi
    zoepanayi ·

    @edwardconde it was a great experience joining you all! nice meeting you too! hearing about the dance choreography you and the other dads do still makes me laugh.

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