Put your dancing shoes on, Parcels have arrived

The Lomography team loves music. So when we heard that Parcels were coming to Vienna, we couldn't resist to take our gear out for a dancing spin.
We packed our finest lenses and analogue cameras and thanks to our friends from Arcadia Live we got the chance to attend the gig at Fluc.

As the shooting conditions can be quite challenging, you have to make sure you take your most reliable gear with you, so you can capture every single moment and guarantee the best results. It was really an exciting experience.

Photos by @nicholasbacon

We were really looking forward to shooting some nice pictures that night. And we realised that once again, we were not the only ones sharing this passion - this photography experience gave us the chance to meet amazing people such as Daniel Viefhues, the band's photographer. We did not only share a fantastic gig, but also some photography tips and tricks: make sure you fix a high shutter speed and that you can change to the right aperture in no time - so you don't miss a second of the show. You can always test your gear during the opening act to get your settings right, and then be able to snap away and get wonderful results.

Daniel Viefhues ©

Their famous released tracks of Myenemy, Hideout, Allaround were played with clarity and passion, providing a perfect warm-up for their newest tracks. These unreleased tracks are the most impressive because of the variety of the arrangements proposed: from falsetto choruses that are worthy of the Wilson's brothers, to more of an aggressive synth sound that reminded us of the debut record from the French duo, Justice.

Daniel Viefhues ©

As one of the new songs started, the band played a massive crescendo of distortions that was perfectly paired with the stroboscopic lights of the club. A moment of true bliss was evoked and enjoyed by the audience. A masterpiece that amazed everybody in the club.

After that, a stunned Jules Crommelin - Parcel's singer and guitarist - said "ok, maybe its time to calm down a bit" - a completely unfulfilled promise, because Parcels made everybody dance until the last note. And us Lomographers couldn't stop shooting to capture every single moment of this incredible show.

Photos by @nicholasbacon

Find out more about Parcels and follow their adventures on their website, Facebook and Instagram.
And if you want to check out more photos from Daniel Viefhues, don't forget to check his Instagram as well!

written by paolocunico on 2017-12-02 #culture #people

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