Lomo'Instant Square: TEN AND ONE Resident Claudia Sajeva on Unleashing the Moodmaker Within


Our lovely TEN AND ONE resident Claudia Sajeva (@-dakota-) spent her week in Vienna testing out the Lomo'Instant Square, and decided to make things a little more ambient with her perfect square portraits.

As a long time, loyal Lomographer, Claudia naturally brought with her LC-A+ and her Lomo'Instant Automat Ten&One special edition with her to Vienna. She has a real knack for experimentation and playful photography, so we lent her the hottest new instant camera, the Lomo'Instant Square.

Cool tones for the listless and sober; warm tones for spikes of energy.

Claudia's approach to the Lomo'Instant Square reflects Warholian color blocking. She utilized the color gels to create different moods and atmospheres with the expressive portraits of the Lomography HQ members in Vienna. She then asked them to sign their portraits, making the shots reminiscent of vintage memorabilia.

Great music and good company will make your party unforgettable, especially if you have photos to prove it. Show your friends that life is more exciting when you step into the world of instant photography. They will have great stories to tell, and you will master the skill of throwing an awesome bash. Let's create magic together and preorder the Lomo'Instant Square now, or download our Lomo'Instant App on iTunes and transform your instants into a stop motion video!

2017-11-28 #people #instant #instantphotography #lomoinstantsquare


  1. -dakota-
    -dakota- ·

    I really liked the red filter! So cool for portraits and I think it could work with architecture shots too!
    Lca+ is always with me again thanks to Adrian!!
    @gionnired's silhouette will be famous ahah!

  2. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    these are amazing! thanks a bunch :)

  3. rafaelcabral
    rafaelcabral ·

    yesssss. Well done @dakota

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