LomoWall Israel: A Tribute to 25 Years of Lomography


In celebration of the 25th anniversary, we asked Lomographers to share their favorite places in Israel by submitting Lomographs. The collective effort pays off, and Lomography continues to go global as the erected LomoWall in Tel Aviv caught the attention of the Israeli press and media.

As the Lomography representative in Tel Aviv, Ofer Mousai and his family members were the ones who created a mosaic out of 1500 individual photographs -- an estimate of 480 man-hours dedicated to the project. The wall was unveiled in Bet Ariela, just right next to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

The rave about the LomoWall doesn't stop there though. News channel i24 brought Mousai to the studio and interviewed him about the huge LomoWall in his shop and explained the celebration of Lomography's 25th anniversary.

News channel ILTV also aired a short, three-minute featurette about the Lomographic movement and the LomoWall, noting it for the healthy diversity of locations from all over the world, moreover testifying the power of art and photography to bring people from all walks of life together.

Now, that's what we truly call "trending"!

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    Another great wall!

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