Emotional Spectrum in Pictures: Framing "Wintercearig"


Photography isn't just about the visuals, technicalities or equipment. To be a photographer, you have to capture the unseen and the abstract. And when you do, you grow one step empathetic. Here we review Lomographs that straight out speak of human emotions. There's a special feeling often evoked, exclusively in winter.

Many among us are familiar with this feeling, but often we cannot exactly express in the right words. The Old English word "wintercearig" is one that many would no longer find in modern dictionaries, but etymology translates the word as "winter-sad", or "sad with the years". It's the sorrow feeling one gets, reflecting the lonesomeness of winter season.

Credits: blue071, oleman, smokra, bnjmn & lalau

Walking alone, cold to the bone, and everyone else does the same, braving through the chilly precipitation. A companion would be good right now -- a hand to hold, not just the knitted gloves. An embrace would be nice, too, better than the woolen scarf that blows away if you don't hold on to it enough. It's the yearning to feel the warmth of life, but can't, figuratively and literally.

It's the chill on your chapping lips, hoping someone breathes in the warmth to you through a kiss. You seek for red, yellow, orange across the horizon, but it's all empty white. But no, there is exactly none of that as of the moment.

Credits: jazztrio2014, kleinerkaries, dreamseller, pulex, oleman & erikagrendel

As "wintercearig" is ready to pull us all to misery, do try to spend the winter days with a family, friend, or a loved one.

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    Love the photos, love the words, thanks

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