Meet the TEN AND ONE AWARDS judges: Alessandro Casagrande

Alessandro Casagrande is one-of-a-kind photographer who embarked on this photographic journey when he got his very first camera from his father. He has been taking photos ever since, and his photographs will help you see the world from a whole new perspective. Alessandro's work will spark your inspiration, and we are more than pleased to present him as one of our judges for the Ten And One Award.

Hello! Welcome to the Lomography Magazine. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Alessandro Casagrande I am an Italian artist, founder, and editor-in-chief of the fashion & art magazine Baccalà.

How did your interest in photography start?

I received my first camera when I was just a kid from my father. Since then I always had with me the camera, shooting friends, family and what for me was looking interesting. It's still been something fun and also now I continue to perceive the photography in the same way: passion, a part of me that I can not give up.

How would you define photography? What makes it worth pursuing?

Photography's a form of expression: capturing moments, frame the ideas. Sometimes I just shoot what I can find around me, other times I shoot an image to describe my feelings. Both the ways are a projection of our inner thoughts through our eyes. So I think is worth to pursuing photography if you feel that need to stop that single moment, to capture the essence of you. Many mediums can do the same, each of us finds their own.

What inspires you?

The light is what inspires me the most. It always surprises me with new emotions and beauty. Sunlight through the curtains, so close and warm, the light of the desert with its strong shadows and bright colors, the sunset and then the night, red and blue, with mystery and dreamy sensations. The light is what gives me the inspiration for every image I shoot. I believe that can be interpreted by everyone in different ways and gave us the chances to express our self naturally.

What makes a good photograph?

The feelings and emotions that the image can evoke into the viewer.

Any advice that you’d like to give aspiring photographers?

To follow their instinct and believe in it, to make them their obsession, without being influenced by trends.

If you want to see more of his work, follow Alessandro on Instagram or check out his Website.

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